The 26th Conference on Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science

December 13-15, 2006
Indian Statistical Institute
Kolkata, INDIA

List of accepted papers

  1. Paperno: 003
    Title: Rational Behaviour and Strategy Construction in Infinite Multiplayer Games
    Authors: M. Ummels

  2. Paperno: 015
    Title: Normal and Feature Approximations from Noisy Point Clouds
    Authors: Tamal K. Dey and Jian Sun

  3. Paperno: 023
    Title: Coresets for Discrete Integration and Clustering
    Authors: S. Har-Peled

  4. Paperno: 034
    Title: The anatomy of innocence revisited
    Authors: R. Harmer, O. Laurent

  5. Paperno: 037
    Title: Self-assembling classes of shapes, fast and with a minimal number of tiles
    Authors: F Becker, I Rapaport, E Rémila

  6. Paperno: 038
    Title: Testing Probabilistic Equivalence through Reinforcement Learning
    Authors: J. Desharnais, F. Laviolette, S. Zhioua

  7. Paperno: 058
    Title: One-input-face MPCVP is Hard for L, but in LogDCFL
    Authors: T. Chakraborty, S. Datta

  8. Paperno: 064
    Title: On Decidability of LTL Model Checking for Process Rewrite Systems
    Authors: L. Bozzelli, M. Kretinsky, V. Rehak, and J. Strejcek

  9. Paperno: 077
    Title: Hardness of Approximation results for the problem of finding the Stopping Distance in Tanner Graphs
    Authors: K. Murali Krishnan, L. Sunil Chandran

  10. Paperno: 079
    Title: Multi-Stack Boundary Labeling Problems
    Authors: M. A. Bekos, M. Kaufmann, K. Potika, A. Symvonis

  11. Paperno: 080
    Title: Computing a Center-Transversal Line
    Authors: P. K. Agarwal, S. Cabello, J. A. Sellarès, and M. Sharir

  12. Paperno: 108
    Title: On obtaining pseudorandomness from error-correcting codes
    Authors: S Kalyanaraman and C Umans

  13. Paperno: 110
    Title: Fast edge colorings with fixed number of colors to minimize imbalance
    Authors: G. Calinescu and M.J. Pelsmajer

  14. Paperno: 118
    Title: Zero-error list decoding capacity of the q/(q-1) channel
    Authors: Sourav Chakraborty, Jaikumar Radhakrishnan, Nandakumar Raghunathan, Prashant Sasatte

  15. Paperno: 145
    Title: Monitoring of Realtime Properties
    Authors: A. Bauer, M. Leucker, C. Schallhart

  16. Paperno: 158
    Title: Fast Exponential Algorithms for Maximum r-Regular Induced Subgraph Problems
    Authors: S. Gupta, V. Raman and S. Saurabh

  17. Paperno: 199
    Title: A Proof System for the Linear Time μ-Calculus
    Authors: C Dax and M Hofmann and M Lange

  18. Paperno: 201
    Title: Tree automata make ordinal theory easy
    Authors: T Cachat

  19. Paperno: 204
    Title: Solving Connected Dominating Set Faster than 2n
    Authors: F. V. Fomin, F. Grandoni, and D. Kratsch

  20. Paperno: 206
    Title: Linear-time Algorithms for Two Subtree-Comparison Problems on Phylogenetic Trees with Different Species
    Authors: Sun-Yuan Hsieh

  21. Paperno: 207
    Title: Context-Sensitive Dependency Pairs
    Authors: B. Alarcón, R. Gutiérrez, and S. Lucas

  22. Paperno: 213
    Title: On reduction criteria for probabilistic reward models
    Authors: M. Groesser, G. Norman, C. Baier, F. Ciesinski, M. Kwiatkowska, D. Parker

  23. Paperno: 215
    Title: Distributed synthesis for well-connected architectures
    Authors: P. Gastin, N. Sznajder, M. Zeitoun

  24. Paperno: 231
    Title: The Meaning of Ordered SOS
    Authors: M.R. Mousavi, I.C.C. Phillips, M.A. Reniers, I. Ulidowski

  25. Paperno: 232
    Title: Almost Optimal Strategies in One Clock Priced Timed Automata
    Authors: P. Bouyer, K. G. Larsen, N. Markey, J. I. Rasmussen

  26. Paperno: 234
    Title: Expressivity properties of Boolean BI through relational models
    Authors: D. Galmiche and D. Larchey-Wendling

  27. Paperno: 241
    Title: Computationally Sound Symbolic Secrecy in the Presence of Hash Functions
    Authors: V Cortier, S. Kremer, R. Kusters, B. Warinschi

  28. Paperno: 242
    Title: Some Results on Average-case Hardness Within the Polynomial Hierarchy
    Authors: A. Pavan, R. Santhanam, V. Vinodchandran

  29. Paperno: 250
    Title: On continuous timed automata with input-determined guards
    Authors: F. Chevalier, D. D'Souza, P. Prabhakar

  30. Paperno: 257
    Title: Unbiased Rounding of Rational Matrices
    Authors: B. Doerr, C. Klein

  31. Paperno: 258
    Title: Safely Freezing LTL
    Authors: R. Lazić

  32. Paperno: 260
    Title: Branching pushdown tree automata
    Authors: R. Alur, S. Chaudhuri

  33. Paperno: 264
    Title: Validity Checking for Finite Automata over Linear Arithmetic Constraints
    Authors: G. Wassermann, Z. Su

  34. Paperno: 267
    Title: Game semantics For Higher-Order Concurrency
    Authors: Jim Laird

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