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Research Interests

Parallel and Distributed Computing

Cluster and Grid Computing

Interval Computing

Numerical Analysis

Numerical Methods for partial differential equations

Seismic Data Processing (Geophysical Applications)

Bio-informatics and Bio-Computing

Analytical and Computational Fluid Dynamics

Present Projects

Various projects under Asia Pacific Science and Technology Facility (APSTF), Funded by SUN Microsystems

Development of Parallel Algorithms for Real Time Decision System for Financial Markets, funded by Maketoper's Securities Pvt. Ltd.

Prestack Migration and Velocity Analysis, funded by Department of Science & Technology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India (2002-2004). With C-DAC, Pune as Co-PI.

Development of Parallel Solvers for Solving Partial Differential Equations and their Industrial Applications, Indian National Science Academy, India (2003 – 2005).

Consultancy Projects 

Asia Pacific Science and Technology Facility (APSTF); SUN Microsystems. 

Parallel Algorithms for Financial Market Forecast, Marketopper's Securities Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi. 

Development of "System One: A Sacalable Cluster/Grid System", Progreesion Infonet Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon. 


System and Software Development

Developer of Parallel Panther Beowulf Cluster at Eastern Illinois University, Charleston (USA).

Parallel Panther is a NO cost Beowulf class supercomputer. Beowulf is a multi computer architecture, which can be used for parallel computations. It is a system built using commodity hardware components such as PC’s connected via Ethernet or some other network. The hardware used in Parallel Panther is the discarded hardware by various labs and faculty members

Waves” Developer

One of the main developers of “Waves: A Parallel Seismic Migration and Modeling Package”. This software is available on PARAM series of Parallel Supercomputer and is being utilized for processing of real data sets from Indian Oil companies and research organizations.


Funded Research Projects Completed

1.       Development of Seismic Migration and Modelling Algorithms for Imaging Crustal Structures, funded by Department of Science & Technology, Government of India,(1998) as Co-Principal Investigator.

2.   Development of Parallel Seismic Data Processing Algorithms, funded by Department of Science & Technology, Government of India,(1999-2001) as Co-Principal Investigator

3.   Development of Parallel Solvers for Hyperbolic System of Equations and Their application to some Industrial Problems, Young scientist project award by the Department of Science & Technology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India (2000).

4.   Development of Parallel Navier Stokes’ Solvers, funded by Naval Research Board, Ministry of Defence, Government of India (1999-2000), as Principal Investigator.

5.   Development of Parallel Computing Environment and Scientific Applications, funded by Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL (USA), (2000-2001) as Principal Investigator.

Commercial Projects Completed

One-pass frequency-space poststack seismic depth migration of full 3D volume of KKDWA data from ONGC. 1998.

Design and Development of a parallel computer System One, for Progression Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon, 2003.

“Parallel Algorithm for Financial Market Forecast”, for Marketopper’s Securities Pvt. Ltd. Delhi, 2004.


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