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Hardware platforms



             PARAM 10000 and PARAM series of Parallel Supercomputers

           (PARAM is a cluster of SUN E450)


          Parallel Panther Beowulf Cluster


          POWER CHALLANGEarray,


          SUN E450, SUN UltraSparc, HP-9000 workstations


          ICL (39 series), DRS 6000, DEC-ALPHA 2100 series


          Pentium based workstations


Programming Languages



            FORTRAN, BASIC, C, C++


Operating Systems



            Solaris 2.x, Linux, Digital Unix, VME, Windows 95/98/2000, Windows NT, DOS


System Administration


            Linux, Solaris 2.x

          (NFS, NIS, DNS, TCP/IP, Firewall/Proxy server etc.)


Parallel Computing


         Worked on different message passing environments like PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine),     

          MPI (Message Passing Interface) and wrote parallel programs in FORTRAN and C.  

          Understood the concepts of communication between processors, concurrency, load

          balancing, scalability etc. in parallel programming.


          Worked on Parallel I/O.


High Performance Computing Tools


           SUN HPC tools, SUNWorkshop & SUNPerformance library: widely used for high   

           performance computing.



Other Tools


             Seismic Unix (SU) of Colorado School of mines: widely used for Seismic Data   

           Processing for Oil Exploration.


             Worked with various mathematical libraries and word processing (MS WORD, Page 

           Maker, LaTeX,


           Web pages development tools (HTML, Front Page, cgi-scripts, Perl)


Developer of Parallel Panther Beowulf Cluster at Eastern Illinois University, Charleston (USA)


Parallel Panther is a NO cost Beowulf class supercomputer. Beowulf is a multi computer architecture, which can be used for parallel computations. It is a system built using commodity hardware components such as PC’s connected via Ethernet or some other network. The hardware used in Parallel Panther is the discarded hardware by various labs and faculty members


Waves” Developer


One of the main developers of “Waves: A Parallel Seismic Migration and Modeling Package”. This software is available on PARAM 10000: A 100 GF Parallel Supercomputer and is being utilized for processing of real data sets from Indian Oil companies and research organizations.