SimpleScalar Installation Instructions


The following are the instructions to setup the simplescalar toolset on linux system. I have tested them on ubuntu 10.04 i686 and x86_64 machine with gcc 4.4.3.
You can either set it up on your ubuntu installation on your pc or set it up on your account in gcl.
If you want to try out the simulator without taking the pain of installation, you can append the following paths to the PATH environmental variable in your gcl account:

export PATH=$PATH:/home/dual/cs5070217/simplescalar/bin
export PATH=$PATH:/home/dual/cs5070217/simplescalar/simplesim-3.0
But it is highly recommended that you install it right away as the assignments will focus on editing the source code of the simulator.

1. Necessary Files:

Download the necessary Source code files:

2. Setting up the Environment:

3. Installing simpletools:

4. Installing simpleutils:

5. Installing simulator:

6. Installing the cross compiler:

I hope these instructions are exhaustive enough. Still, if you get stuck somewhere, do not hesitate to google out the solution.

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