The Cheatpal system for CSL201

We are trying out a new student-centric system for checking cheating in assignments this semester. The name of this system is The Cheatpal. The Cheatpal consists of a six-member board with one coordinator. This semester the members of the board are:

The Cheatpal's powers

  1. The Cheatpal has the power to take cognizance of cheating activity in programming assignment, based either on a complaint submitted by email or made orally to one of the members. The Cheatpal also has the power to take cognizance of cheating activity that comes to the notice of one or more members.
  2. On taking cognizance of a cheating case, the Cheatpal has the power to summon the people involved and question them. The Cheatpal also has the power to examine their code and other files that might be deemed relevant to the pursuance of the investigation. Note: Failure to cooperate with the Cheatpal in the pursuance of a cheating investigation is to be brought to my attention and will be treated as tantamount to an admission of cheating.
  3. Based on evidence gathered the Cheatpal will determine if the cheating case is either a) Grave or b) Regular. All Grave cases are to be brought to my attention. Regular cases may be dealt with by the Cheatpal without my involvement. In Regular cases the Cheatpal may suggest any course of action that leads to a 0 being awarded in the assignment in question. In case of assignments for which marks have already been award, the Cheatpal will email me that a 0 may be awarded and I will accept the recommendation without any questions asked.

How to submit a complaint

Complaints may be submitted by email to any of the members listed above or may be made orally. In case of oral complaint, the Cheatpal member must generate an electronic document recording the complaint as soon as possible after the complaint is made. Anonymous complaints are strongly discouraged and The Cheatpal is authorized to ignore such complaints. However, The Cheatpal has to act on all signed complaints, without exception.

Appeal against The Cheatpal

Students are allowed to appeal if they feel The Cheatpal has ruled incorrectly. This appeal is to be made to me. However if I hold that The Cheatpal's ruling was correct then the quantum of punishment will be radically increased. Please do not appeal frivolously.

Complaints against The Cheatpal

Two types of complaints will be entertained against The Cheatpal.
  1. A cheating complaint. This is to be brought to my notice and I will treat it like a cheating case. If I hold that cheating has occured then a harsh punishment will be handed out.
  2. Misdemeanour or misbehaviour. If a Cheatpal member behaves in a manner not befitting the office (i.e. threatens people, demands bribes, treats people rudely in the course of an investigation etc) a complaint is to be lodged with me and I will investigate and take appropriate action.
Amitabha Bagchi