CSL860: Presentation Guidelines

The presentation section of the class is intended to help introduce the class to important research areas within the broader area of network communication theory. Each paper should be a guide in illuminating the area it represents. The following guidelines should be followed for the presentations.

Guidelines for readers

  1. Read the paper once and get an idea of the results.

  2. Make a bibliography of previous work which may be worth reading.

  3. Augment the bibilography by searching for papers which refer to the paper you're reading.

  4. Select some of the previous work and some of the subsequent work and read those papers with the intention of determining their relation to the paper you are reading. Your presentation must contain discussion of this.

  5. Read the paper and break it down in terms of central ideas versus details. Discuss with me what exactly you will present out of the paper.

  6. Make the presentation using chalkboard or a laptop. I'd prefer the presentation to be made using chalkboard. You have 45-50 minutes.

Guidelines for discussants

  1. Read the paper and understand the results.

  2. Carefully read the previous work section of the paper and formulate questions to ask the presenter.

  3. Come to the presentation with a list of questions to ask the presenter, including:

  4. Once the presentation is over you will be leading the discussion on the paper so get together with the other discussant and prepare an outline of how the discussion will proceed.

Amitabha Bagchi