Aaditeshwar Seth

Economy and media monitoring

Leveraging Web Data to Monitor Changes in Corporate-Government Interlocks in India- A. Sen, A. Agarwal, A. Guru, A. Choudhuri, G. Singh, I. Mohammed, J. Goyal, K. Mittal, M. Singh, M. Goel, S. Gupta, S. Pathak, V. Madapur, and A. Seth.

Empirical Analysis of the Presence of Power Elite in Media- A. Sen, Priya, P. Aggarwal, A. Guru, D. Bansal, I. Mohammed, J. Goyal, K. Kumar, K. Mittal, M. Singh, M. Goel, S. Gupta, V. Madapur, V. Khatana, and A. Seth.

Media services in rural areas

An Analysis of Community Mobilization Strategies of a Voice-based Community Media Platform in Rural India- A. Moitra, A. Kumar, and A. Seth.
ITID 2018

Usability, Tested?- N. Kumar, N. Karusala, B. Patra, and A. Seth.
ACM Interactions 2017

Design Lessons from Creating a Mobile-based Community Media Platform in Rural India- A. Moitra, V. Das, A. Kumar, Gram Vaani, and A. Seth.
ICTD 2016

Gurgaon idol: a singing competition over community radio and IVRS - Z. Koradia, P. Aggarwal, G. Luthra, and A. Seth.
ACM DEV (3), 2013

A participatory video and audio platform for community interaction using DVDs and IVR systems - D. Chakraborty and A. Seth.
ACM DEV (3), 2013 (poster)

A case study on the use of IVR systems by visually impaired people - P. Aggarwal, G. Luthra, Z. Koradia, A. Seth, P. Gadodia, G. Abraham, and N. Jain
ACM DEV (3), 2013 (poster)

Experiences of Deploying and Commercializing a Community Radio Automation System in India - Z. Koradia, Balachandran C, K. Dadheech, M. Shivam, and A. Seth.
ACM DEV, 2012

Phonepeti: Exploring the Role of an Answering Machine System in a Community Radio Station in India - Z. Koradia and A. Seth.
ICTD 2012 (poster)

Social Media Tools for the Bottom of the Pyramid - A. Seth, Z. Koradia, I. Ahuja, A. Mahla, D. Martin, A. Premi, and Balachandran C.
CEWIT Korea, 2010

Using ICTs to Meet the Operational Needs of Community Radio Stations in India - Z. Koradia, A. Premi, B. Chandrasekharan, and A. Seth
ACM DEV, 2010

Making a Case for Spoken Web as the Mobile Web for Developing Countries - S. Agarwal, A. Jain, A. Kumar, P. Manwani, A. Nanavati, N. Rajput, and A. Seth
Mobile Web for Development (MW4D), 2009

Technology for social accountability

Findings from a Civil Society Mediated and Technology Assisted Grievance Redressal Model in Rural India - D. Chakraborty, S. Ahmad, and A. Seth. ICTD, 2017

Building Citizen Engagement into the Implementation of Welfare Schemes in Rural India - D. Chakraborty and A. Seth. ICTD, 2015

Airavat: an automated system to increase transparency and accountability in social welfare schemes in India - V. Srinivasan, V. Vardhan, S. Kar, S. Asthana, R. Narayanan, P. Singh, D. Chakraborty, A. Singh, and A. Seth. ICTD, 2013 (poster)

Application of Mobile Phones and Social Media to Improve Grievance Redressal in Public Services - A. Seth, A. Katyal, R. Bhatia (IIT Delhi), D. Kapoor, Balachandran C, V. Venkat, A. Moitra, S. Chatterjee, M. Shivam, Z. Koradia (Gram Vaani), and P. Naidu (Action India). M4D Web Foundation workshop 2012 [talk]

Internet measurements for QoS of cellular data services

Response to TRAI consultation paper on Data Speed Under Wireless Broadband Connections - A. Seth.
Submitted, June 2017

Mobile Internet Services in India: Quality of Service - Joint report with CUTS and IIT Delhi, foreword by Prof Krithi Ramamritham (IIT Bombay).
Presented to TRAI, June 2016

Revisiting the State of Cellular Data Connectivity in India - A. Sharma, M. Kaur, Z. Koradia, R. Nishant, S. Pandit, A. Raman, and A. Seth.
ACM DEV 2015

First impressions on the state of cellular data connectivity in India - Z. Koradia, G. Mannava, A. Raman, G. Aggarwal, V. Ribeiro, A. Seth, S. Ardon, A. Mahanti, and S. Triukose.
ACM DEV (4), 2013

2G/3G network measurements in rural areas of India - A. Chandele, Z. Koradia, V. Ribeiro, A. Seth, S. Triukose, S. Ardon, and A. Mahanti.
ACM DEV (3), 2013 (poster)

Theories of information evolution on social media

A personalized credibility model for recommending messages in social participatory media environments - A. Seth, J, Zhang, and R. Cohen.
World Wide Web, 2015

Bayesian Credibility Modeling for Personalized Recommendation in Participatory Media - A. Seth, J, Zhang, and R. Cohen.
UMAP, 2010

A Subjective Credibility Model for Participatory Media - A. Seth, J. Zhang, and R. Cohen
AAAI Workshop on Recommender Systems, 2008

A Social Network Based Approach to Personalized Recommendation of Participatory Media Content - A. Seth and J. Zhang.
ICWSM, 2008

Understanding Participatory Media Using Social Networks - A. Seth
CS-2007-47, Technical Report, University of Waterloo, 2007

Measurement studies on social media

The Rich and Middle Classes on Twitter: Are Popular Users Indeed Different from Regular Users- A. Ruhela, A. Bagchi, A. Mahanti, and A. Seth.
Computer Communications 2015

Spatio-temporal and Events Based Analysis of Topic Popularity in Twitter - S. Ardon, A. Bagchi, A. Mahanti, A. Ruhela, A. Seth, R. Tripathy, and S. Triukose.
CIKM, 2013

The Scope for Online Social Network Aided Caching in Web CDNs - A. Ruhela, S. Triukose, S. Ardon, A. Bagchi, A. Mahanti, and A. Seth.
ANCS, 2013

Towards the Use of Online Social Networks for Efficient Internet Content Distribution - A. Ruhela, R. Tripathi, S. Triukose, S. Ardon, A. Bagchi, and A. Seth.

Characterization of Social Media Response to Natural Disasters - S. Nagar, A. Joshi, and A. Seth.
INSNA Sunbelt Social Networks Conference, 2012

Opportunistic low-cost communication

A Comprehensive Data Management Framework for Opportunistic Communication on Mobile Phones - S. Doraswamy, A. Subramaniam, and A. Seth.
ACM DEV (3), 2013 (poster)

Motivation and Design of a Content Distribution Architecture for Rural Areas - A. Mahla, D. Martin, I. Ahuja, Q. Niyaz, and A. Seth.
ACM DEV, 2012 [talk]

Design and Implementation of the KioskNet System - S. Guo, M. Derakhshani, M.H. Falaki, U. Ismail, R. Luk, E.A. Oliver, S. Ur Rahman, A. Seth, M.A. Zaharia, and S. Keshav.
Computer Networks, 2011

Design and Implementation of the KioskNet System - S. Guo, M.H. Falaki, E.A. Oliver, S. Ur Rahman, A. Seth, M.A. Zaharia, U. Ismail, and S. Keshav.
ICTD, 2007 (poster)

Policy Oriented Architecture for Opportunistic Communication on Heterogeneous Wireless Networks - A. Seth, M. Zaharia, S. Bhattacharya, S. Keshav
Manuscript, University of Waterloo, 2006

Opportunistic Scheduling in Ferry-Based Networks - S. Guo, M. Ghaderi, A. Seth, S.Keshav.
QShine Workshop on Networking in Public Transport (WNEPT), 2006

Low-cost Communication for Rural Internet Kiosks Using Mechanical Backhauls - A. Seth, D. Kroeker, M. Zaharia, S. Guo, S. Keshav.

Practical Security for Disconnected Nodes - A. Seth, S. Keshav.
ICNP Workshop on Secure Network Protocols (NPSec), 2005. A newer version is available too, co-authored with U. Hengartner.

An Architecture for Tetherless Communication - A. Seth, P. Darragh, S. Liang, Y. Lin, S. Keshav
Discussed in Disruption Tolerant Networking, Dagstuhl, 2005

Mobility Decisions in Heterogeneous Wireless Access Networks - A. Seth, N. Ahmed, S. Keshav
Manuscript, University of Waterloo, Fall 2004


Jury: an automation framework for protocolised primary healthcare delivery - D. J. Mathew, A. Samarth, Z. Johar, and A. Seth
ACM DEV (4), 2013

Geolocating IP Addresses in Cellular Data Networks - S. Triukose, S. Ardon, A. Mahanti, and A. Seth:
PAM, 2012

Design of a molecular communication framework for nanomachines - A. Dubey, S. Tandon, and A. Seth
COMSNETS 2012 (poster)

Achieving Privacy and Security in Radio Frequency Identification - A. Seth, M. Beg.
Privacy, Security, Trust, 2006