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My exploration of UNIX (or more appropriately Linux/GNU) started in mid 1996 when PC Quest distributed the first Linux/GNU system. This was a slackware and with all due respect to the guys who created this distribution it was really a nightmare to get it working. Me and my friend fought like maniacs for the full night recreating the boot floppies again and again but it simply refused to install. It was one of the later redhat distributions which PC Quest gave away on its CD that I was able to install and run.

Initially UNIX was just a fun thing to me. Till than I had been a die hard DOS freak coding in TC++ writing TSRs (Terminate and Stay Resident) and doing all the weirdo things (like writing directly to VGA memory). Incidentally for those who came late, Terminate and Stay resident is DOSs way of multi-tasking. It was only natural to underestimate the power of UNIX in a non-networked standalone configuration. However once I saw the real power of UNIX it was impossible to turn back.

On this page, you can expect to find a lot of UNIX, C, C++ and some other UNIX tools related stuff . This may go a long way from the title. Right now I donot have much of my own to offer. However some stuff which I have picked up over the net (and which is free) is here. In case you expect to see something and you think it should be here, feel free to contact me.

Towards the end I have a list of questions (or UNIX FAQ) which has been in preparation for some time. It would become a lot better if people visiting this page send me questions of their own. I would start adding answers to these in a short duration. Interestingly the process of finding questions is more difficult than providing answers for such a FAQ!.

Happy visiting and donot forget to send me a mail in case you feel something is incorrect.


  1. A free UNIX tutorial, has something for the newbies.
  2. C coding style by Rob Pike.
  3. C++ coding style.
  4. Thinking in C++, a very good online book on C++ Vol. 1
  5. Thinking in C++, Vol. 2
  6. Some tips in LaTeX.

Articles and Presentations!!

  1. An Introduction to UNIX (a one day tutorial introduction which I gave for fresh VDTT students) [ZIPPED PPT].
  2. My C++ coding style.
  3. How to plot nice bar charts using GNUPlot (*samples*).
  4. How to write an assembler overnight? (Yet to come)
  5. How to write a disassembler the next night? (Yet to come)
  6. Playing music (mp3 etc.) on a HP-UX server. (Yet to come)
  7. Some security tips for Solaris, HP-UX and Linux/GNU. (Yet to come)
  8. Some tips on fine tuning your UNIX (Solaris, HP-UX and Linux/GNU) box. (Yet to come)
  9. What you should know before fooling around as sysadmin with a production server? (Yet to come)


  1. A list of freqeuntly asked questions for UNIX, without answers as of now. I will get down to writing answers for these sometime soon. Please send me a mail if you want to add a new question.

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