CS812 High Level Design and Modeling, Semester II, 2003-04


Entry Number Name Presentation Date Presentation Topic
2002MCS022 Rajneesh Gupta March 1, 2004 Murata: Petri Nets: Properties, Analysis, and Applications
2002MCS023 Parikshit Patidar March 1, 2004 SystemC Verification Library 1.0
2002MCS039 Viresh Kumar March 8, 2004 MediaBench: A Tool for Evaluating and Synthesizing Multimedia and Communications Systems
2000384 Harsh Dhand March 15, 2004 Cuppu at al: A performance comparison of contemporary DRAM Architectures
2002MCS043 Rajeev Bakshi March 15, 2004 1) S. Gupta et al.: Speculation techniques for HLS of control-intensive designs
2) S. Gupta et al.: Conditional speculation and its effects on Perf/Area in HLS
2002MCS040 Parupalli Surender April 3, 2004 Automatic Architecture Synthesis and Compiler Retargeting for VLIW and EPIC Processors
2003EEY0011 Deepak Baranwal April 3, 2004 Logic Synthesis of Asynchoronous Designs : Issues and Methodology
2003JVL0012 Anoop C. Nair April 3, 2004 High Level Power Modeling
2003JVL0013 Parika Beniwal April 5, 2004 Ptolemy
2003JVL0014 Pratibha Sharma April 5, 2004 Reconfigurable Processors
2003CSY0001 Nagaraju Pothineni April 10, 2004 Software Pipelining
2003JVL0006 Mukesh Chand Agarwal April 10, 2004 System Level Power Estimation
2003JVL0017 Harsh Chilwal April 12, 2004 Network Processors
2003JVL0016 David John April 12, 2004 Hardware Area Estimation and Issues
2003EEN0018 Sudeshna Guha April 12, 2004 Software Power Estimation
2003CSZ0004 Aryabartta Sahu April 12, 2004 Processor Core Testing
2002EEC001 K. Krishna April 17, 2004 Wireless Network Processors
2003EEZ0019 Saroj Kumar Panda April 17, 2004 DSP Processor Architectures
1999453 Sachin Goel April 19, 2004 Retargetable Estimation Scheme for DSP Architecture Selection
2000101 Ankit Mathur April 24, 2004 Energy Aware Mapping for Tile-basd NoC Architectures
2000117 Mayank Agarwal April 24, 2004 System Level Performance Analysis for Designing On-Chip Communication Architectures
2000375 Abhishek Agrawal April 24, 2004
2000376 Ajit April 26, 2004 Software Power Estimation

Last Updated March 18, 2004