CSL211 : Computer Architecture

2006-07 Semester I

Course Coordinator: Anshul Kumar

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi


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Primary reference:

John L. Hennesy & David A. Patterson, "Computer Organization & Design : The Hardware / Software Interface", Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 2004.

Other references:

Vincent P. Heuring & Harry F. Jordan, "Computer System Design and Architecture", Addison Wesley, 1997/ 1999.

John P. Hayes, "Computer Architecture and Organization", third edition, McGraw Hill International Edition, 1998.

Grading Policy

Minor I - 15%

Minor II - 15%

Major - 30%

Lab exercises, project - 20%

Quizzes, Tut assignments - 20%

Where is SPIM Located

Location of spim and xspim in Intel lab cluster is:


It has also been installed on ccsun50 in Computer Services Centre at the following path:


Documentation on ccsun50 is in the following directory:


If you wish to download SPIM and/or its documentation, click here.

Sample Program in SPIM

Lab Exercises

See the Lab Home Page for description of exercises and procedure for submission.

Teaching Assistants

Aryabartta Sahu

G. Rakesh

CSL 211 LAB Home Page

Anshul Kumar / Dept. Computer Science and Engineering / IIT Delhi / Hauz Khas/ New Delhi 110016