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Alum @ CSE, IITD

Batch of 2013-17 @CSE, IITD

M.Tech placements

M.Tech placements

MTechs and MS(R) students from CS&E at IIT are attracting the attention of employers from top companies. In the 2015-16 placement season our MTechs were placed with international technology majors, exciting startups and financial giants as well as public sector majors. In the future we expect this high level of interest in our MTechs to grow as our alumni go on to make a mark in their workplaces.

Company Number placed









APT Portfolio


Morgan Stanley




Honeywell Technology Solutions


Infosys Ltd.


MAQ Software




Nutanix Technologies India Private Ltd.


Securifi Embedded Systems India Pvt. Ltd




Works Applications Co., LTD.








Saavn Media Pvt. Ltd


IITD CS&E Research Acceleration fund Donation Campaign


We are currently rated number 1 amongst the CS departments in India by QS rankings (2016) and are ranked between 50 and 100 in the world. Our goal is to break into the top 50 in the next two years and into the top 30 in the next five years.


Key aspects of the strategy to achieve this goal:

  • Project our research in the CS community by establishing our presence in top tier conferences.
  • Attract talented faculty, both Indian and international.
  • Get more postdocs.
  • Grow our PhD program and support PhD students adequately.


Flexible funding to enable aggressive and proactive interventions over and above what IIT provides us.


To raise Rs 100Cr over the next three years. The current fundraising drive (Jan-July 2017) aims to collect Rs 10 Cr.

Donation vehicles

There are five options for targetted donation:


Donation Amount





Number required

(over the next 5 years)

Doctoral Research Impact Grant

Rs 8L/ USD 12K

PhD student

International/National conference travel, Open access publication (capped at Rs 2.5 L).

  1. Each full time PhD student will be given one grant once they have decided their supervisor.
  2. DRC will vet individual travel/OA requests
  3. Donor and grant name to be mentioned in publication(s).

Till the completion of PhD


New Faculty Impact Grant

Rs 20L/ USD 30K

Faculty who has recently joined

International/National conference travel, Open access publication.

  1. Head will grant to each joining faculty member.
  2. Donor and grant name to be mentioned in publication(s).

2 years from date of joining


Faculty Impact Grant

Rs 20L/ USD 30K

Full time faculty

International/National conference travel, Open access publication.

  1. Head will grant to each faculty member who requests.
  2. Donor and grant name to be mentioned in publication(s).

2 years


Postdoctoral Fellowship

Rs 25L/ USD 38K

PhD/Thesis submitted Doctoral students

Fellowship, International/National conference travel, Open access publication.

  1. Selection at Department level by Head-appointed committee.
  2. Donor and grant name to be mentioned in all publication(s) coming out of this.

Upto 2 years


General Corpus



Facilitate visits by talented Indian and international faculty candidates, Research communication, workshops and lecture series to attract PhD students from India and abroad

How to contribute

We accept contributions via net banking and credit card through a payment gateway, through bank transfer and through cheque in India, and via credit card through Paypal in the US.

Click here to contribute through an online payment gateway
(For donations up to Rs 50,000 only. For larger donations use NEFT or make multiple payment gateway payments.)

  • Please email us at alumni@cse.iitd.ac.in and inform us which donation vehicle your donation is targetted at.
  • Tax exemptions are available under 80(G) in India and 501(3)c in the US.
  • Link goes offsite to iitd.almaconnect.com which is the official host of IIT Delhi’s Alumni social network.
  • If donating from the US, please also email us at alumni@cse.iitd.ac.in.
  • Registration on almaconnect is not needed to contribute.
  • Donating by Cheque: Please make out the cheque to "Development Office IIT Delhi Account" and send the cheque to "Head of Department, Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110016". Please include your contact information with the cheque.
  • Donating by Bank Transfer: Please email us at alumni@cse.iitd.ac.in if you transfer money so that we can claim the money from the account and acknowledge your contribution. Bank details are:
    • A/C Name: Development Office IIT Delhi Account
    • Bank Name: State Bank of India
    • IFS Code: SBIN0001077
    • MICR Code: 110002156
    • A/C Type: Savings
    • A/C No: 34105945646
    • SWIFT Code: SBININBB547
    • Currency: INR

Questions, Comments, Suggestions:

Email alumni@cse.iitd.ac.in and also see FAQ below.


  • Do I get a tax deduction on this donation?

Ans. Yes. In India you get deduction under Section 80(G). We will send you a receipt against which you can claim this deduction. We are also working towards getting deductions under Section 35(1)(ii). US donors note that the contribution you make to this link is routed to the IIT Delhi Excellence Foundation which is registered as a Public Charity with the US Internal Revenue Service, i.e., it is a 501(3)c organisation. A charitable donation receipt will be emailed to you.

  • The donate link takes me offsite to almaconnect.com. Is this an official page? Does the money go to IIT Delhi?

Ans. Yes, almaconnect is the official approved host of the IIT Delhi alumni association. All contributions through this site come to IIT Delhi. If you are paying in India you will be taken to an Indian payment gateway that will show you that you are paying Almaconnect. If you are paying from a US bank you will be taken to a Paypal page which will tell you that you are paying the IIT Delhi Excellence Foundation which is an IITD Alumni organisation registered in the US.

  • I paid from the US but my name does not feature on the iitd.almaconnect.com donation page?

Ans. This is a glitch in the system due to the different routes that the donations depending on whether they originate in India or the US. We endeavour to update the donor list as quickly as possible. Please do inform us by email (alumni@cse.iitd.ac.in) whenever you make the payment so that the link can be generated. If you also let me know the details of IIT Delhi connection, it helps us to motivate others from your batch to contribute.

  • Doesn’t IIT already fund the department? Why do you need more money?

Ans. We are looking to fill in the gaps in the funding we get from the institute and from funding agencies. Our labs and other facilities have seen a major improvement especially after the construction of School of Information Technology building supported by Mr. Vinod Khosla. primarily, we are looking for International travel support for our PhD students and young faculty members as well as faculty aspirants. These are essential to improve our International visibility as well as competitive advantage in attracting talent.

Post Doctoral Fellows

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Delhi is actively seeking applications for Post-Doctoral Fellows, especially in the areas of high performance computation, computer systems and architecture, network systems and security, virtualization and cloud computing, data analytics, computer vision, virtual reality and human machine interfaces. For more information please direct all enquiries to hodcse AT iitd.ac.in or see the latest PDF advertisement. Online applications can be filed here.

Immediate opening in high performance computingclick here to expand

The qualifying candidate should have significant experience with parallel algorithms, parallel programming paradigms, performance analysis and tuning as well as with tools like OpenMP, MPI, OpenCL/CUDA, etc. The fellow will have access to a Peta-scale supercomputing cluster at IIT Delhi. There will be ample opportunity to undertake independent research as well as to collaborate with other computational scientists. Contact: subodh AT cse.iitd.ac.in

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